EID 100 Week 1

  1. In the first week of EID 100, many different topics were discussed including interoperability, cloud computing and creating a personal brand for yourself online.
    In simplest terms, interoperability is the ability of diverse devices and systems to connect securely, efficiently and reliably across global networks. The majority of us use laptops, cell phones, tablets and even TVs to connect to the internet or perform daily tasks. What is becoming increasingly popular is the ability to create, access and share information seamlessly between these devices.
  2. With all of these interoperable electronic devices that we use in our every day lives, it is inevitable for us to not have used some form of cloud computing. In order to fully understand the concept of cloud computing, you would most likely have to have some background knowledge in computer science or networking. However, the term cloud computing can be described as internet-based sharing of information and resources that can be accessed by computers and other devices on demand. Some great examples of cloud computing include Google Aps (Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.), Dropbox and Windows Azure.
  3. Despite how simple and preferred cloud computing is, it raises questions based upon security and privacy. Many companies and developers are working continuously to provide the end users of cloud computing programs and software the reassurance that their information is safe and their privacy is not violated.
  4. In addition to using multiple connected devices and the many types of cloud computing, many of us make use of social media. Whether it be for personal use to connect with friends and colleagues or for professional use to market your business, social media has a large impact on how we connect in today’s society. 
    Learning how to effectively use and manage social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is crucial. It is recommended that you make use of these websites while still effectively managing your time. Productivity tends to decrease when there is no self-control over how much time is spent catching up on what your friends did over the weekend.
  5. It is also strongly recommended that you be conscious of what to post and what not to post on your profiles. Creating and maintaining a professional image online is important when searching for a job these days. A Google search may bring up some photos or comments that may be inappropriate to some. Take the time to sift through your old photos and posts. You don’t want your online reputation to haunt you.
  6. With so many technological innovations happening at such a rapid pace, it is necessary to inform ourselves and learn about the changes that are taking place when it comes to how we connect, communicate and share information. Do you believe that these changes are going to make connecting, communicating and sharing information online easier or more complicated?

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